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Photo: Victoria Lynn Photography


Have you ever imagined a popular hockey player being drafted in the washroom?

A pro boxer who loves to hang out with the dead? Maybe sports are not just about sports! Now, imagine the lives of rock stars and serial killers…!


I love unravelling mysteries. Challenge and discovery motivate me. I started my career in professional sports, interviewing athletes on rather out-of-the-ordinary topics. 


I also operated the public relations department of the Montreal Matrix before being hired by a rival team, the Buffalo Rapids, to manage the Communications, Sales and Marketing Departments. 


After five years in the world of sports, I jumped head first into the musical spectrum by interviewing such popular artists as Nickelback and Dave Navarro.


Although the music field was very exciting, I was ready for a new battle: Serial Killers. A complex topic, it gave me a chance to explore a matter that was inexplicable to me: how can one kill so gratuitously? What can push someone to such levels of violence?


For four years, I interviewed serial killers incarcerated in American penitentiaries. These individuals have opened up to me and explained the reasons that motivated them, the psychological root causes from their childhoods, and have even gone as far as to give safety advice to readers and their children. 


Consequently, I collaborate with psychiatrists, profilers, teachers and specialists known the world over for their expertise in the gruesome field of serial killers.  I now share that knowledge with experts, give conferences and lecture Forensics university students. I continue to be interviewed on the topic over television and radio airwaves. 


Following the publishing of the book on the topic, I spent a little over two years interviewing and patrolling with Real Life Super Heroes, people who dress up and fight crime and poverty. This resulted in another book, talking about the experiences we went through, from facing gunmen to stopping violence. It also talks about the psychology behind the one who risks his life to save others, under - most of the time - anonymity. In a way, the psychology behind it is very close to the one of Serial Killers.


After having studied Études françaises at Concordia University and graduating from the journalism program at St.Clair College many years ago, I now study script development to bring more to the TV documentaries I work on. I also run my own photography studio where I often shoot well-known celebrities, from athletes to TV reporters and models.


Consultant Producer for 
T Group Productions;


Investigative journalist for production companies 

Zone 3,

Patrick Spica Productions;


Journalist and researcher for 

CMJ Productions;


Book writer published by

Les Éditions de l'homme and Dundurn Press.


Journalist and photographer for many magazines based out of Quebec, Canada and United States, such as: Urban Male Magazine - UMM, Bobbi, Serial Killers, The Hockey News, Hometown Hockey, Métro Newspaper, 24 Heures, SUMMUM, SUMMUM Girls/Adorable, Dernière Heure, La Semaine, Les Canadiens, SAJE Montréal Métro. 

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