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Nadia Fezzani is an internationally renowned journalist and author

who spent years interviewing American serial killers.


With her expertise in Life Coaching and teen psychology, she teaches parents, teens,

authorities and students about development issues

that are often misunderstood, as well as the impact they represent. 


With the collaboration of psychiatrists, criminologists, neurologists, and authorities, 

she wrote a Best-Seller book on the topic of serial killers that reveals how these individuals 

became who they are. As a Life Coach, she ran her own foundation to help teens and

young adults. Nadia hosts conferences to the general public, as well as specialized groups.


She is often a guest on television and radio as an authority to discuss the reasons

why people commit atrocious crimes.


Some of the topics that she covers are:


• Bullying

• Dealing with rejection

• Identifying and preventing violence

• Healthy and unhealthy Relationships

• Abuse in all forms

• Communication

• Investing in your future

• Finding one’s own happiness

• Her experience working with serial killers

• Patrolling with Real Life Super Heroes

• Being a journalist/author





Criminology organizations,
Educational services (elementary schools for some topics, high schools, colleges, criminology students, psychology students, social worker programs, police programs, writing programs, communications programs, etc.),
Hobbies organizations (65+, common interests, etc.), etc.





We have been organizing conferences on youth and mental health for more than 10 years with the Montreal Police Department.

More than 300 professionals attend the event each year: social workers, police officers, teachers, psychologist and many more.

In this specific conference, we wanted to understand how childhood experiences and traumas might have an impact on criminal behavior later in life. 

Because she worked with professionals and personally met with serial killers, her work and her insight on the subject gave her a key advantage to explain how negative childhood experiences may play a role in criminal behavior, even murders.

Nadia gave us a different understanding of the phenomenon. In fact, her knowledge of the question combines an expertise approach with a very human, personal touch that is quite unique and compelling. She stayed true to her subject all along. Thanks to her, the professionals at the event got more than what they were expecting on the subject. They gained a new, more complete vision of the question.


Jennifer Letarte

Conferences Connexion




My students and I were fascinated by Mrs. Fezzani’s story and presentation. She was enthusiastic, sympathetic, captivating. Her answers to my students’ questions were precise, generous and more than useful. Afterward, this visit has led to many discussions in class. I warmly recommend Mrs. Fezzani as a speaker.

Jean-Marc Beausoleil
Teacher - Introduction to Media

John Abbott College




I invited Nadia to give a conference for the 35th anniversary of the University of Sherbrooke's student newspaper. As Bernard Pivot – famous French journalist – says it, the journalist is an interpret of the public curiosity, and it’s without surprise that the curiosity surrounding the serial killer phenomenon arouses psychology students of our establishment.  It’s in front of our eager audience that Nadia has told us her exchanges with the scariest individuals of our society. What was their journey? What triggered them to commit such violent crimes? How do they see themselves? Could those actions have been avoided? The conference, also broadcasted live online, was a great success. She certainly brought light on one of the darkest thematics of the human nature, on top of marking the academic journey of our students.


Shawn Sirois

General Manager

Journal Le Collectif (2011-2014)




Young adults



I have held this heavy burden inside me for years. I was feeling shame because of what happened to me and the fact that I didn't have the strength to prevent it. I have never had the power to talk about it, not even to my parents who are now unfortunately deceased. The event occurred when I was nine years old. I am 25 today and I feel as if I am finally on my way to recovery! Nadia was able to find the right words to make me understand that I should not be ashamed of what happened to me, that I had to fight for my well-being and that I shouldn't stay in my corner alone with this pain inside of me. She motivated me to seek professional help. I am feeling much better today. I feel alive, with the feeling of having been listened to, and especially understood. Thank you. 







When I was young, I was living with my mom and her alcoholic and drug addict boyfriends. I was living in a violent place, physically and mentally. When getting older, I found Nadia who opened up my eyes on several things, like my self-esteem that was at zero. She accepted me the way I was. She taught me to respect myself and not always say yes to people by fear of not being liked. She taught me to like myself first to be able to love and be in a healthy relationship. Because of her, I became a strong woman. And now today, even if I have had a heavy past, I know how to be respected, I know my limits and I am fulfilled. I have a stable life with my man and we have two beautiful daughters. I will teach them the same advice that Nadia gave me and will always remember what she told me: we all have control over our life and future; no one else does. With willpower, you can achieve anything.  Thank you, Nadia, for the values you taught me.




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